Sweet Annie tried to teach her mother
There was somewhat of something other.
And whether it was veils and God
And whistling ghosts to go unshod
Across the broad and bitter sod,
Or fleet love stopping at her foot
And giving her its never-root
To put into her pocket-book,
Or just a deep and human look,
She did not know; but tried to tell.

Gwendolyn Brooks, “Maxie Allen.”

I have a lot to say about that poem. I have a lot to say in general.


2 responses to “About

  1. Hiya, I was just wondering whether you painted the artwork in the background. It’s wonderful.

    • Isn’t it gorgeous?? I don’t have that kind of talent though, it’s by Marc Chagall (whom, I am just realizing, I didn’t credit at all! Oops!).

      My parents had a copy of it hanging in our living room/library when I was a kid, so the painting and the books in my header are supposed to be a little reminiscent of what was really the only nice thing about that place.

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